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Pumpkinhead to be rebooted?!?


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I love me some Pumpkinhead... specifically the first movie. Naturally all the sequels do not exist in this dojo, but that first movie is so dark and dirty and grimy and creepy that it presses all the right buttons for me.

As a horror kid Pumpkinhead managed to be one of the handful of scary movies that still felt dangerous. It's a brutal, moody flick that still gets under my skin to this very day (thanks, Stan!).

The idea of rebooting the idea of a fucked up revenge demon isn't a bad one, actually. I think a good filmmaker not worried about going down and dirty and adding in a really messed up revenge story could take full advantage of this wonderfully designed monster. claims that very thing is happening with producers Motion Picture Corporation of America and Brad Krevoy starting the process of rebooting. The problem is Stan Winston's not around anymore and the MPCA and Krevoy were producers on all the sequels, not the one actual good movie in the franchise.

However, I'm the optimistic type and if they bring on an interesting and hungry young director and either keep Pumpkinhead practical or give the VFX team a real budget then this one stands a chance of actually becoming a success story instead of an eye-rolling cash-in.


-Eric Vespe
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