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A Teaser For Aardman's SHAUN THE SHEEP Movie!!


Every time I post some kid-friendly piece here on the site, I get piled-on in the Talkbacks about how posting stuff for young ones on AICN is totally missing the site’s audience.   

To an extent, this is correct as…yeah…six or seven year olds don’t read (and shouldn’t be reading) AICN, even though the site site sometimes feels like it’s written by folks in that age group.  

On the other hand, the average AICN viewer may be surprised by the overall demographics of our site’s readership.  Suffice to say, it’s a safe bet that many AICN readers have kids…which is why kids’ stuff frequently makes it onto our pages.

With this in mind…here’s a look at a teaser for the SHAUN THE SHEEP movie - a bigscreenification of the popular television title - coming next year from the folks over at Aardman (CHICKEN RUN, WALLACE & GROMIT).  





Glen Oliver





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