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Join AICN & Nick Frost & The Alamo Drafthouse for CUBAN FURY event! Dancing, Food, Drinks! Only 100 AICN seats!

Hey folks, Harry here...  There's an amazingly fun event coming to Austin that AICN is a part of - along with the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow and eOne!   On the surface, it's an advance screening of CUBAN FURY!  But even better - Nick Frost is going to be there - which will be outstanding!  If you've ever attended any of the events here in town that Nick has been a part of - you know how awesome he is in person!  

But that isn't all.   Because this is a Rolling Roadshow event - it takes place in a magical setting!  There will be Salsa Dancing, outstanding Cuban Food, the sweet elixar known as Cuba Libres - which just about guarantees a GOOD TIME!   But there will be icy cold beer + I'll be hosting the Q&A with Nick Frost after the film - which is sure to get plenty silly!  

This will be an event beneath the heavenly skies of Austin - I'll email winners with the exact location and additional information... but do know you should be folding chairs or a blanket or a bean bag.  

Now - how do you get seats for this spectacular spectacular?  

Well, you're doing good cuz you found this webpage.  Now follow these easy instructions...

First - email me at hk at with the subject line... 


Then in the body of the email - tell me why you and your guest (singular) MUST attend...  you may send photographic evidence, but this isn't required.  But convince me of your PASSION!  Also include your full name and the full name of your guest!

Alright, well get to it!  This event is taking place April 8th, 2014 from 6pm - 10:30pm - and you wouldn't want to miss it!!

As soon as I fill the list, I'll email everyone with all the final details!  By the 4th!



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