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Some Interesting BTS Vids Of The Sculpting Of ALIEN RESURRECTION’s Ripley Clones!!



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Via the wizards at studioADI (aka Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.) comes this recently posted reel chronicling the sculpting of the torturously malformed Ripley clones from Jean Pierrer-Jeunet ’s ALIEN RESURRECTION.

While these creations can be seen in the film, this footage offers an interesting glimpse into their creation, and a fuller and sometimes even affecting look at these pitiable genetic misfires.  

AR seems to divide audiences quite a bit:  I somehow straddle both sides of the fence with this one.  I roundly applaud its effort to head in some unexpected and even batshit crazy directions - although I’m not sure the tone of the picture was fully controlled, which never allowed its ‘vibe’ to become fully cohesive as if might have been.  What do you think? 


[vid found by Bloody Disgusting]




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