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Robert Duvall Cowboys Up In New Trailer For A NIGHT IN OLD MEXICO!


Jeremy here...

A NIGHT IN OLD MEXICO appears to be an agreeable use of Robert Duvall's irascibility. Directed by Emilio Aragon and written by William Wittliff (a veteran scribe with titles like THE BLACK STALLION, LONESOME DOVE, LEGENDS OF THE FALL and THE PERFECT STORM to his credit), the film casts Duvall as an old man who's so pissed off about losing his ranch that he hightails it to Mexico with his grandson to get rowdy and, to the extent that he can enjoy it, laid. As you'll see in the below trailer, they encounter a bit of trouble along the way, which means ol' Bob Duvall's gotta start shooting people. I might could enjoy this here picture.

A NIGHT IN OLD MEXICO hits theaters and VOD on May 16th.

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