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John Boyega Being Considered for a Role In TERMINATOR: GENESIS!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

ATTACK THE BLOCK’s stoic lead John Boyega has been seeing a lot of attention recently. He was cast as Olympic Gold-Medalist Jesse Owens in the upcoming RACE, and we recently heard that he (along with half of Hollywood, granted) had tested for a role in Episode VII.

But that’s not where it ends, thankfully. THR's Borys Kit indicated via Twitter that Boyega is also in consideration for a role in the new Terminator film. The role in question is none other than the son of the man responsible for Skynet himself, Miles Dyson. 

Dyson himself was played by Joe Morton in T2, and his son, Danny, was seen briefly racing a remote control car around the house, before Sarah Connor arrived and began shooting the place up in a (perhaps misguided) attempt to save the future of humanity.

Obviously, this is just another casting rumor, and nothing is certain at this point, but it does reveal two interesting things. 1. That Dyson’s research and legacy will be a focal point new film, and 2. That Boyega is seriously being considered for some important and potentially ass-kicking roles in some really high-profile films, which is wicked-awesome. He was fantastic in ATTACK THE BLOCK, and we’ve been waiting to see how he will follow it up. It’s about time he started getting this level of attention.

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