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Kevin Spacey to Play Winston Churchill in CAPTAIN OF THE GATE!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Kevin Spacey looks to be switching gears soon, going from reviled bastard of a politician, Frank Underwood, in Netflix’s amazing and successful series HOUSE OF CARDS, to playing legendary wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

According to THR, the role will be the central focus in the film CAPTAIN AT THE GATE. It will chronicle Churchill's rise to power, his leadership of Britain during World War II, and the stand that he took in opposing Hitler and the Nazi forces.

I love Kevin Spacey and am happy to see him in pretty much any role, but he also has a fantastic presence about him that really lends itself well to imposing figures. It could carry over very well to this story and this historical figure.

Seriously - if you were Hitler, would you fuck with this man?


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