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Fox has got a writer for the next WOLVERINE solo flick!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

After announcing their plan to release the next WOLVERINE solo film in May 2017, we have news via Deadline that David James Kelley's been hired by Fox to pen the film's script. He's relatively green, with no feature film credits as of yet, but Fox commissioned a script from Kelley for DAREDEVIL before those rights reverted back to Marvel. I suppose this indicates they've got faith in his handling of dark, broody superhero properties.


Without knowing what state the end of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST leaves Logan in, it's tough to speculate what this third solo Wolvie flick is going to entail, other than he probably won't be going back to either Japan or Canada (although who knows?).


While the turgid X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE was a massive box-office hit, James Mangold's superior THE WOLVERINE barely made its budget back domestically (overseas it fared better, earning more than any of the previous X-MENs). I'm glad Fox has wisely refused to interpret that as a lack of interest in the character (I'm sure they know they burned a lot of fanboy good will with X3 and ORIGINS), and the 45-year-old Hugh Jackman shows no signs of wanting to retire the character, so I'm hoping they can replicate the high level of quality they reached with THE WOLVERINE for this next one. A big part of that is who they choose to direct, but I feel we won't have concrete info on that for quite a while (or, at the very least, until after the release of DAYS OF FUTURE PAST)


What storyline you think they'll adapt for this one? Maybe they'll throw everyone for a loop and go with this one...



The next chapter of THE WOLVERINE will bare its claws on March 3th, 2017.

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