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Do you know about the ROCKETMAN toy from GoHero? AICN offers a wee discount!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I know everyone is tired of believing that I was introduced to as a small child, but I'm sorry your life was so geekily sheltered.  My Dad ran a pop culture comic book and movie shop and through film/comic conventions in the Seventies and I was his son.   Just face it, it was my reality.  That isn't a brag, that's my childhood.  When Conventions were going on in the seventies - the only place we comic and film geeks could really point to with pop culture recognition for our geeky loves... well it was The Serials.  In that realm - we had CAPTAIN AMERICA, SUPERMAN, BATMAN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, THE PHANTOM, SPY SMASHER and more.  But then there was the great Serial Superhero that wasn't born from the comics, but inspired Dave Stevens to create THE ROCKETEER...   This character of ROCKETMAN also gave way to the first time that Leonard Nimoy played a good alien!  My parents owned SATAN'S SATELLITES, there was KING OF THE ROCKETMEN and well... it was... great.  Really great.  Embeded below is the entire KING OF THE ROCKET MEN serial.   It's a great way to spend time.   

The folks over at GO HERO reached out to AICN with an offer to knock $5 off this ROCKETMAN toy!   It's pricey, but still - it's one of the early heroes that lead the way towards IRON MAN, whether anyone has really acknowledged it or not.   How do you get your discount?  Just enter AICN as the promo code on this Pre-Order Page!!!

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