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Now here's a YA Novel adaptation that actually looks pretty great... THE MAZE RUNNER!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I've always liked fun Young Adult fiction...  Growing up reading THE TRIPODS, STARSHIP TROOPERS, HARDY BOYS, ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN...  Good stuff.  Loved HARRY POTTER, was amused by TWILIGHT, I'm genuinely invested in THE HUNGER GAMES...  But some of these attempts at capturing a larger cinematic audience with YA adaptations...  well, they've left me cold.   Like PERCY JACKSON or MORTAL INSTRUMENTS...  but the recent DIVERGENT - it has me really dislodging my jaw with the yawn it gives me.   BUT - I don't credit it to YA dislike.  Rather... it just looks boring as fuck.   Now this?  This trailer perfectly awakened my interest.  Even thinking of picking up the books to read, cuz, this looks disturbing as all hell, but fun.   The Labyrinth has always been a part of our culture...  going big and creepy...  it almost feels horrific and nightmarish...  and that's a good thing.   It's a first time  feature director, so I'm instantly rooting for him.  Hope this one is as good as it looks. See what you think:



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