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Help The Composer Of WING COMMANDER III and IV Make Those Scores Orchestral!!

I was never the biggest fan of the WING COMMANDER games - I didn’t hate them, but they didn't do much for me, either.  This said, their significance in the gaming verse can not be understated, nor can the scale or audacity of their vision.  

As such, this project interests me…and I hope it gets pulled together.  In short, George Oldziey, composer of WING COMMANDER III and IV and WING COMMANDER: PROPHECY, is looking to (for the first time) record WC 3 & 4 scores with a full scale orchestra.

I recently attended an orchestral presentation of ZELDA music and was floored by how well its score transitioned to symphonic presentation - one can say ‘it’s a whole different ball game,’ but the full impact of how wondrous an undertaking like this can be must be experienced to be fully grasped.  I’m thinking the WING COMMANDER scores might fare as successfully.  

Oldziey is currently looking to Kickstart his efforts - his campaign has only a few days to go.  Sad we didn’t learn about it a bit sooner, but there’s still time… 


You can find the project’s full Kickstarter page HERE.  


Thanks to AICN reader Neil for the heads-up about this!  




Glen Oliver




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