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Who Won't Be Directing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4??


Marc Webb.  

In a discussion with TheDailyBeast, Webb reveals that he won’t be back at the helm when THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 4 goes before cameras.  

And you’re signed on to direct the third Amazing Spider-Man as well. Will that be it for you?

I’d like to be involved as a consultant, and I’ve already talked to these guys about it, but in terms of directing it, that will close out my tenure. I’ve had so much fun doing it, but after the third movie, it’ll be the time to find something else

…says Webb HERE


Who do you think should wrangle the fourth picture?  Webb himself seemed an unlikely candidate for ASM 1 and, personally, I really enjoyed his approach to the material.  So, perhaps thinking outside of the box again, which candidates spring to mind as his successor?  



Glen Oliver





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