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AICN COMICS PREVIEW: Check out a few choice pages from DC Comics’ PANDORA: TRINITY OF SIN #9!

Ambush Bug here. For those of you out of the know, PANDORA: TRINITY OF SIN follows the actual Pandora from Greek myth who let loose the sins of the world. The story has been mixing it up with the recent mega-crossover FOREVER EVIL for the last few months and next Wednesday issue #9 continues the final leg of the FOREVER EVIL event with BLIGHT; a crossover within a crossover involving the darker corners of the DCU with characters like Swamp Thing, John Constantine and the Justice League Dark.

Written by Ray Fawkes with art by Francis Portela, issue #9 hits the stands this Wednesday March 19th and below are some of the first pages. Click on the images to make ‘em grow!

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