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Annette Kellerman From SXSW 2014: LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND!!

I'm a casual fan of electronic music.  I like it, I just don't really follow any particular group.  I enjoy a good mash up, and I admit to dancing like an idiot to rave music at events from time to time.  I have heard of Swedish House Mafia, but couldn't name you one song of theirs.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to score a preview of the film before it screened at this year's SXSW Film Festival.  So basically, I went into the film as a stranger to the Swedish trio and ended up a fan by the end.

LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND is a documentary about the success and demise of the incredibly popular electronic group Swedish House Mafia.   Though the boys of the group started out with the best of intentions ruling the electro music empire, 10 years into their careers finds the artists choosing a different life over the fast and furious lifestyle on the road as one of the most popular dance acts around the globe.

The film chronicles the genesis of the group, incorporating simple animation and old video footage of the youngsters as they were just starting out playing parties.  The film culminates with Swedish House Mafia as they embark on their final "One Last Tour" trekking theworld and filling arenas to share their music one last time.  You see, even though the group has attained success beyond their wildest imagination, the friendships that the crew forged at the beginning are inevitably waning, and sadly, disbanding on a high note seems to be the best course of action for the fellas.

Director Christian Larson amazingly contrasts  vivid concert footage with images of the fellas in their natural habitat at home with kiddos and significant others.  The story aptly juxtaposes the manic concert experience with the relatively mundane day to day goings on in the guys' lives, illustrating the toll their hectic schedule has taken on their friendship.

Though the film is a bit redundant with a running time that is on the long side, I really had a fun time with LEAVE THE WORLDBEHIND.  The gents of Swedish House Mafia are very likable and the thumping concert footage keeps the film fully afloat.  If you are already a fan of the supergroup this film is likely already on your radar.  If you are curious and have never experienced the splendor of these former electronic music gods, you should check out LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND for sure.  The documentary is screening at The SXSW Film Festival 3/12 at 6:00pm at The Paramount Theater.

Until next time,

Rebecca Elliott

Aka "Annette Kellerman"

Annette Kellerman

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