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The LEGO MOVIE Sequel Finds Its Director - Will He Be A Master Builder??



As previously announced, the amazing, and meta, and amazingly meta LEGO MOVIE is getting a sequel in 2017.  While the first film’s helmers / co-writers —   Phil Lord and Christopher Miller - won’t be back in the director’s seat, they will be around as producers on the project, which will work from a script by Jared Stern.  Stern wrote MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS - he’s also credited with contributing story material to WRECK-IT RALPH AND BOLT, and scripted the generally lamented THE INTERNSHIP last year).  

 Per Deadline, taking the helm for this second go-round of wondrousness will be Chris McKay.  McCay was an animation co-director / animation supervisor / editor  on the first film - his other work includes ROBOT CHICKEN and MORAL OREL.  

I’m all for more LEGO MOVIE-style adventures on the big screen, but the first question which leaps to mind…and the challenge McKay and company clearly face this time around…is how to match or best the mind bending conceits of the first picture?  Or, perhaps they shouldn’t even set that bar - and focus on a strong story which works in itself, instead of chasing or aping a gimmick which, at the end of the day, could only be deployed to maximum effect one time. 

Interesting possibilities…




Glen Oliver





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