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AICN COMICS CONTEST/PREVIEW: Find out how you can win a copy of Valiant’s UNITY Volume 1 (in stores today)! Plus a 13 page preview!

Ambush Bug here with a special AICN COMICS Preview/Contest to honor the release of Valiant Entertainment’s UNITY Volume 1 collecting the exciting first four issues of the series!

The original UNITY was a crossover of epic proportions, but in this new Valiant Age, UNITY means something completely different. I absolutely loved the first arc of this series and was pleased to know that the series was going to continue, uniting some of the Valiant Universe’s most powerful characters to fight together as a team on what looks to be a monthly basis. UNITY #5 and the first trade paperback of UNITY hits the stands today and the honorable gents at Valiant have passed along five trade paperbacks of UNITY Volume One along with five UNITY #5’s to give away to 5 lucky AICN COMICS readers.

So how do you win this luxurious prize? Well, in order to do so, you’re going to have to use those artistic skills. Just for fun, I want to see you drawing of your favorite Valiant character, but the real kicker is that it has to be done in crayon! The five best, most interesting, or most fun entries will win a copy of UNITY Volume 1! So break out the Crayola’s, draw and scan me your drawing, and you could be the proud owner of UNITY Volume 1! Be sure to send me your mailing address and click on this link with the scan of your drawing of your favorite Valiant comic book character!

Best of luck to all! I will be posting the winners’ drawings in a few days!

Meanwhile, UNITY Volume 1 and UNITY #5 hits the finest of comic book stores today and below are the first few pages from the trade. Click on the images to make ‘em grow!

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