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Annette Kellerman From SXSW 2014: ALL AMERICAN HIGH: REVISITED!!



ALL AMERICAN HIGH: REVISITED is a documentary chronicling the senior year of the class of '84 in Torrence, CA.  Directed by Keva Rosenfeld, the film centers around Rikki, a foreign exchange student from Finland.  The film maker follows Rikki as she navigates the classes, cliques, and extracurricular activities of a typical American high school.   Through one--on-one interview footage with Rikki, we also learn the insights and observations of an outsider who is quickly indoctrinated into the social circles of the popular kids of the school.   While Rikki readily assimilates into the social aspects of American teenage life, she is baffled by the ease of the academic curriculum and also by the taboo nature of sex in the US compared to her homeland.

Did I mention that the year is 1984?  Although Rikki may be the original focus of the documentary, it quickly becomes obvious that in retrospect the main character of the film is the 80's pop culture in which every frame is unknowingly drenched.  If you were around in the 80's, ALL AMERICAN HIGH: REVISITED is an amazing time capsule that will have you waxing nostalgic from beginning to end.  If you weren't around yet to experience the 80's, never fear because the film perfectly captures the carefree and decadent era from the perspective of the epitomal teen.  The movie is choc full of big hair, tragic fashion, and miles of blue eyeshadow and bow ribbon- not to mention several sequences of incredibly un-ironic 80's dancing.

Flash forward 30 years, and Keva Rosenfeld has unearthed his '84 opus to share with the world once again, this time through the self-absorbed, overly-aware lens of the 21st century. In addition, Rosenfeld has apparently tracked down many of the players from the '84 movie and filmed updated interviews to bring the story full circle.

Although I was very fortunate to view a preview screener of the film, my copy didn't include any of the updated footage, so sadly I am unable to comment on any of the current day stories.  Regardless, I wanted to go ahead and review the film because the kitsch factor alone makes ALL AMERICAN HIGH: REVISITED worth a watch, and I am honestly intrigued with the idea of seeing the main characters 30 years later.

ALL AMERICAN HIGH:  REVISITED is screening at the SXSW Film Festival on 3/9 at 4:30 at The Marchesa Theater and also on 3/12 at 2:00 at The Marchesa Theater.  If you enjoy 80's nostalgia and slice of life documentaries, this is one film that is not to be missed.


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Annette Kellerman

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