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Stuck without a badge at SXSW? Wanna mingle with Jon Favreau and the cast of Chef? Click here!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I have my badge in hand, my schedule is as ready as it every will be and Day One of SXSW is imminent. Like most folks attending the film side of things I'll be attending the big opening night premiere of Jon Favreau's Chef.

Favreau came through Austin to film a little bit of the movie, about a high end chef whose life crumbles and he starts a food truck, and when I stopped by on a quasi-unofficial basis they were filming a scene that had a well known musician playing live. Being the music dumbass that I am, I was not familiar with Gary Clark Jr, but I dug what I heard then.

Flash forward to right now and I'm hearing that Mr. Gary Clark Jr. will be playing at the big Chef afterparty tonight. The reason I'm writing this is that I'm told by someone who should know that the company throwing the party isn't limiting it only to SXSW badgeholders, so if you're feeling like you're missing out by not having a badge this year, swing by The Mohawk tonight (912 Red River St.). Doors open at 9:30pm and capacity is 600 and they want to squeeze as many folks in as possible. Favreau will be there as well as the cast, including John Leguizamo and Oliver Platt.

I'm not one for parties at festivals, but I have some downtime before my midnight and I like cool things, so I'll be there myownself.

So, thought some of you folks might be interested in that little bit of info. Play me off, Gary!



-Eric Vespe
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