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THE RAID Redux Sets Its Director!! + A Few More Details...







Confirming what had been previously rumored, RED HILL’s Patrick Hughes has been confirmed as helmer of Screen Gem’s forthcoming RAID remake.  

Gareth Evans, writer/director of 2011’s THE RAID: REDEMPTION and its forthcoming sequel, THE RAID 2 (aka THE RAID: BERANDAL) will be an Executive Producer on the project, which’ll sport a script by OUT OF THE FURNACE’s Brad Inglesby. 

The progenitor films’ fight choreographers appear to be involved as well - and the plot as described this far sounds rather similar to the original picture.  It’s sounding more or and more like this is shaping up to be a (more or less) a mainstreamed version of THE RAID, but still THE RAID in essence.  While I’ll bet the original’s ‘universe’ is softened a bit for wide-release consumption,  I’m hoping the project will drop some DREDD-sized balls and take a few chances with its action and violence.  I wouldn’t bet on this, though…

There have been murmurings that brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth might appear in the picture - no word on whether such musings will ever come to fruition.  Hughes recently directed the third EXPENDABLES film, set for release mid-August.  



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