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Are you ready for another trip into THE MATRIX!?!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

When THE MATRIX came out in 1999 many referred to it as “STAR WARS for the 21st Century” and while that may or may not be true, it does sound like it is going to follow in the footsteps of the original STAR WARS trilogy by having at least a prequel trilogy. According to Latino Review, WB and the Wachowski siblings are in the early stages of planning out a prequel trilogy, with the plan to have the first film in theaters in 2017.

Obviously this makes a lot of sense for WB with THE HOBBIT trilogy coming to an end this year and no more Nolan BATMAN films, they are hungry for franchises. The Wachowski's need another hit after the failures of both CLOUD ATLAS and SPEED RACER (both of which I really liked). The only concern is that the two sequels to THE MATRIX really seem to have hurt the appeal of the franchise. THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (the third one) did about half of the domestic box office of THE MATRIX RELOADED (RELOADED did $281 million domestically while REVOLUTIONS only did $139 milion) which obviously isn’t a good sign for future installments.

It is also reported that THE ANIMATRIX will not have any relevance to the prequels, which makes sense (but damn I really liked it). I really hope this ends up being more than a cash grab and they can make up for the sequels but I have my doubts. The original film won’t ever be topped and any follow ups will be stuck in the shadow of the greatness of that film.

Expect denials shortly and realize that none of this is official yet. It would be naive though to think that WB was done with THE MATRIX franchise and that we would never see another film. 

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