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Denzel Washington Can't Stop Equalizin'!

Denzel Gangster

Jeremy here...

Once a fella gets to equalizin', it's mighty hard to stop. After a while, it's like equalizin's all he is, and all he's ever gonna be.

Denzel Washington's the latest to catch the equalizin' bug. Picking up where the original Equalizer - the late, great Edward Woodward - left off, the two-time Academy Award evidently has a crowd-pleasing hit on his hands with his big-screen take on THE EQUALIZER. Though not due in theaters until September 26th, The Wrap claims the film has been testing "through the roof" - setting a Sony test screening record for an R-rated film even! As a result, the Culver City gang has commissioned a sequel from THE EQUALIZER screenwriter Richard Wenk (whose script was held in high regard before it went into production). The trick now is to re-sign Washington, who didn't have a sequel option in his original deal, which oops (especially since half of the budget on the first film was eaten up by his full quote of $20 million).

But you can't put a dollar amount on quality equalizin'. Like kissing The Fonz, it's a bargain at any price.

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