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Here's An Exclusive Look At Behind The Scenes Of The RAIDERS Adaptation! Indy's Gun!

Nordling here.

The Raiders Guys Kickstarter is doing well - with 15 days to go they're more than 50% towards their goal.  The Lost Airplane Scene, hopefully, will come to fruition with the help of fans around the world.  To that end, Chris Stompolos, Eric Zala, and their friends and family are getting everything together that they can to make the finished scene.  When Chris offered us an exclusive look at some behind-the-scenes work that they're doing, I happily agreed.  Here, Chris gets to try out (and shoot) the model of Indiana Jones's famous revolver.  I'm not a gun guy, but I must admit I'd love to be pulling the trigger on that bad boy.  Here's a look:

If you live in the Houston area, you can have an opportunity to see RAIDERS: THE ADAPTATION this Friday at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, with Chris Strompolos in attendance.  I can't wait to watch this movie with a crowd of eager film fans.  And, if you give $25 or more to their Kickstarter, you can own a copy of the Adaptation yourself.  It's pretty amazing what these kids did, and I still find them inspiring. 15 days to go! Best of luck, guys.

Nordling, out.

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