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Holy Shit, This GODZILLA Trailer!

Nordling here.

I just came from the eye doctor and my pupils are dilated as hell.  But when this dropped in the inbox, I had to write about it.  First, is this a genuine SEQUEL to the classic 1954 movie? Because if so... that's terrific.  I love that it's not a remake but a revival of this franchise.  Second, Bryan Cranston looks to have ALL THE FEELS in this trailer, and that's fine by me.  It seems like a tribute of sorts to Takashi Shimura. His presence in a GODZILLA movie excites me and assures me that yes, this is a Serious Treatment.  Gareth Edwards seems to have made a movie that touches on exactly the themes and emotions of the original.  Personally, I can't wait for Godzilla to tear us all a new one this summer.  Here's the trailer:

GODZILLA opens May 16.

Nordling, out.

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