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You have to see Richard Dreyfuss getting emotional over meeting Robert Shaw's granddaughter...

UPDATE: Here's the full interview, which is full of much more emotion and a ton of Robert Shaw stories as told by Richard Dreyfuss. Start around the 57 minute mark. HERE IT IS!


Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Sorry to treat AICN like my own personal blog for this one, but I couldn't help but share this short video because it broke my heart just a little bit.

It's well-known that the relationship between Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw was pretty antagonistic during the making of Jaws. I've talked with many people who helped make the movie, from Spielberg to Carl Gottlieb to Joe Alves and have heard many stories about how Shaw liked to give Dreyfuss shit. The impression I get when I consider all that has been written and what I heard first-hand is that Dreyfuss and Shaw had a bit of a big brother/little brother thing going on, but instead of purple nurples and headlocks Shaw dished out verbal and emotional jabs at the younger actor.

I've always heard there was respect there on both ends, even if it didn't appear that way. So, when I came across this video of Richard Dreyfuss on an Irish talkshow getting emotional over meeting Robert Shaw's granddaughter... well, I'll admit it. I got misty-eyed when I saw how emotional Dreyfuss got and I want you all to wipe away tears, too, so I'm sharing it.

Take a look:



It's a very human moment from Mr. Dreyfuss and one that this particular Jaws nerd appreciates. Hope you guys like it, too.

-Eric Vespe
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