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The red-band trailer for Ti West's THE SACRAMENT somehow reveals less than the one-sheet!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

After that spoiler-y one sheet we put up yesterday, we now have a red-band trailer courtesy of IGN that is surprisingly more restrained about revealing the film's surprises. It does do a good job of laying out the plot, which involves two VICE reporters investigating a self-run "community" headed up by the mysterious "Father," but only gives some brief glimpses at the mayhem that ends up going down in the back half of the film. Aside from one or two shots that feature a small amount of blood, the content barely grazes what I'd refer to as "red-band material," but I'm thinking they kept those choice shots in there just so the restricted label would add some sexiness to the trailer. Again, whatever they cook up to get people to see this movie, I'm all for it as long as they keep their cards somewhat close to their vest, narratively-speaking.


Even though I wish everyone could go in as fresh as I did, I can't wait to see people's reactions when this flick finally drops in May. This one stings a bit, people, and in the best way possible. Wear your big-boy/girl pants.


What do you guys think? Does this change of pace for Ti West excite you, or does it seem like the hype on this one has been much ado about nothing?



THE SACRAMENT will be performed on VOD on May 1st, and then in theaters on June 6th.

-Vincent Zahedi
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