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Here's Some BTS Material And Concept Art Of Ezra From STAR WARS REBELS!!


Here's Some BTS Material And Concept Art Of STAR WARS REBELS!! LAST WEEK, we got a look at Kanan, a ‘Jedi Cowboy’ of sorts who will appear in Disney XD’s forthcoming STAR WARS REBELS animated series.  

Over the weekend, new details were released about a a new character in the show:  Ezra. And, not surprisingly, Ezra is not a bitter old lady sloshing out second rate food in the line of an over-crowded and noisy school cafeteria - as that name might suggest.  Ezra is, in fact, a young man, as gleaned fro, the press release below.  

Growing up on his own in the age of the Empire, Ezra has had to rely on his wit and cunning to get by. As voice actor Taylor Gray explains, “He’s very street-smart, he’s a pickpocket, he’s a little thief. But he’s doing it all because he needs to survive.”  

Executive producer Dave Filoni adds that Ezra is not a bad kid. Although he may enjoy stealing from the Empire, his behavior has been influenced by the world around him - a world that is under Imperial control.  

But his hard life has also made his world smaller. “He doesn’t really trust anyone,” says Rayne Roberts, creative executive of Star Wars Rebels. “That’s kind of his motto in life. He has that hard edge at times.” When audiences first meet Ezra, he is not yet a Rebel and is not yet interested in restoring freedom to the galaxy – but that will soon change when Ezra is introduced to his new surrogate family: the crew of the Ghost.

Greg Weisman, executive producer, says, “His eyes get opened to the fact that there are people who care, who are trying to fight the good fight. And he becomes one of them.” Still, there is more to Ezra than even he knows.

Ezra is Force-sensitive, Filoni reveals, though he is unaware that he is tapping into this mystical energy field. Ezra knows he has some strange abilities, but they’re “instinctive and reactionary.” It is only through his relationship with Kanan, a Jedi Survivor and crew member of the Ghost, that Ezra will learn the true nature of his power. Together, they will forge new paths and destinies - and a rebellion will rise.

This Behind The Scenes look at the character gives us a nice sense of sound and aesthetic…


And, here is some EMBIGGENABLE concept art for your consideration. 

STAR WARS REBELS concept art  STAR WARS REBELS concept art

STAR WARS REBELS premieres later this year on Disney Channel, migrates in short order to Disney XD.





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