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What Make The Critics Of The CW’s Extraterrestrial Teen Drama STAR-CROSSED??

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A new CW drama about teen extraterrestrials in love, “Star-Crossed” was created by Meredith Averill (“Happy Town,” “The Good Wife”) and stars as high-schoolers Aimee Teegarden, 24, who played the coach’s daughter on “Friday Night Lights” and 31-year-old Matt Lanter, who just finished playing a high-school teen on “90210.”

It’s about human-looking space aliens who crash to earth and much later find themselves integrated into a human high school following years in an internment camp. Romeo & Juliet-style hijinks ensue.

Not many bothered to review this one.

HuffPost TV says:

... Matt Lanter is fine as the show's male lead, but the relationships sketched out at the high school are predictable at best. A bigger problem for "Star-Crossed" is that its world-building is patchy and frustratingly undercooked. …

The New York Times says:

... it’s a parable of tolerance, but it’s a particularly obvious and heavy-handed one. …

The Los Angeles Times says:

... The show, which goes, in its small parts and large arcs, where so many have gone before, is easy to mock. Yet within its bounds and even its baldly obvious analogies and soft political points, it is effective enough. ...

The San Francisco Chronicle says:

... How dopey is it? A nightly "TMZ" report on Justin Bieber's latest demonstration of cultural irrelevance has more intellectual content, not to mention a better script and performances. … C+

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says:

... With a premise that's at least 20 years past its "fresh until" date, the issues in "Star-Crossed" get handled with mostly predictable, rote exploration to the point that one has to wonder, does this show matter? Probably not. There are a few twists in subsequent episodes, but none is intriguing enough to encourage a second viewing.

The Boston Herald says:

... The emo-dialogue only sounds good if you’re just watching your first TV show. …

USA Today says:

... If you're searching for signs of intelligent life in the universe, do yourself a favor and skip CW. … As vapid as it is unoriginal, Star-Crossed is sadly typical of a network that continually underestimates its audience. …

8 p.m. Monday. The CW.

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