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Which GAME OF THRONES actor is taking over the role of Frank Martin in TRANSPORTER 4!?!

Hey Yo, Draven here.

On Friday, we found out that Jason Statham was not going to be a part of TRANSPORTER 4 and that it was going to be a prequel to the original trilogy. It didn’t take long to find out who would be filling the shoes of Statham as the mysterious driver because Variety reported today that GAME OF THRONES actor, Ed Skrein has signed on for the role.

Skrein is best known for his current role as Daario Naharis on the GAME OF THRONES series. I haven’t watched GAME OF THRONES yet (I know, I am really terrible when it comes to television shows) but he certainly looks the part. 

Camille Delamarre (he was the editor on TRANSPORTER 3 and TAKEN 2) is directing the film which will mostly take place in the French Riviera. The point of this prequel (which will not have a connection to the upcoming TNT show) will be to show how Frank Martin became the badass driver we all know and love including the relationship he had with his father.

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