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The Great SNOWPIERCER Stand Off Appears To Be Resolved - Sorta...



The storied standoff between Harvey Weinstein and director Bong Joon-Ho over SNOWPIERCER’s running time appears to have been resolved…after a fashion.   

The truce is basically that the director keeps the length of his action film but instead of a wide release, it will be a platform release with a roll out.

…says THIS piece over at Deadline. 

The unabridged SNOWPIERCER, an adaptation of the French graphic novel LE TRANSPERCENEIGE, has received wide acclaim from territories in which the helmer’s full version has been presented - rendering Weinstein’s concerns about the film even more confounding at face value.   The ensuing disagreement over SNOWPIERCER's running time in Weinstein release territories has sparked great interest in the project, and effectively rendered the director’s original version of the picture something of a Holy Grail.

A translated version of LE TRANSPERCENEIGE graphic novel was recently released ion two volumes by Titan and can be found HERE and HERE.  I have these releases and they're nice  - highly recommended if you've interest in the property.  






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