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Newest LEGO MOVIE trailer riffs on MAN OF STEEL!

Papa Vinyard here, now here's a little somethin' for ya...

We all know that THE LEGO MOVIE is going to be the first time we see Batman and Superman together on the big screen (albeit in freakin' Lego form), and Warner Bros. has wisely released a trailer poking fun at the advertising for their own MAN OF STEEL (even using that film's soundtrack, a nice touch). It was smart of them to market the film using the pre-existing properties (you know, besides Lego) that permeate the narrative, and this trailer, with that shot of Supes himself as the last-second punctuation, has worked that element the hardest thus far.


Film's lookin' colorful, energetic, and sorta funny (full disclosure: I'm not gaga for Miller and Lord's CLOUDY or 21 JUMP STREET), and the people who've seen it seem to really like it, so I'm expecting good things. If nothing else, I have a feeling this one's gonna rake in the dinero from the kiddie set. What child doesn't like Legos (except when some are on the floor and you lose track of them and step on them with your bare feet and what the hell are we doing anyway let's just play some video games)?



Also, check out this other trailer that shows Jonah Hill's Green Lantern in "action".



THE LEGO MOVIE will be missing that one damn piece that was crucial to the whole thing and now it's gone so the whole stupid structure is fakakte…sorry, on February 7th.

-Vincent Zahedi
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