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Land Of The Lost DVD

El Cosmico here, with all of the talk about playing the inter-species sex game going on in Planet Of The Apes, I thought this would be sort of relevant...there's a fine review of the new Land Of The Lost DVD, with four episodes on it.

Those of you who've seen this show during one of its many syndication runs will remember...this was one hell of a weird show. It made me feel...a little frightened. Anyway, there was ONE episode, which is included on this disc, which, as our pal Ryan Dunn points out, includes scenes with Holly and Cha-Ka the Paku getting a little too friendly. Something about putting on perfume and an inter-species kiss. Between kids. Oh, man. What a world. Well, go check out the review, and...investigate the matter further at your own risk.

The review's up at:

-El Cosmico

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