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Herc’s Seen JUSTIFIED 5.4!!

I am – Hercules!!

Justified 5.4 FAQ

What’s it called?
“Over The Mountain.”

Who’s responsible?
Teleplay is credited to Taylor Elmore.

What says FX?
“Raylan ventures into wild country on the hunt for a missing informant, while Boyd’s last living relative threatens his life and livelihood.”

Is the “missing informant” someone we’ve met before?
It’s Wade Messer (James LeGros). In season two he helped Dickie Bennett hang Raylan in a tree by his ankles. Last week Wade confessed to stealing from Dewey Crowe and Florida cousin Daryl Crowe suggested Dewey put a bullet in Wade. Wade has also been in contact with AUSA David Vasquez as confidential informant, supposedly gathering intel regarding Boyd Crowder.

How does it start?
Dewey hunts for buried treasure.

The big news?
Someone gets an interesting call from Detroit.

Will Karen Sisco be back before the series ends next year?
Who can be certain

What else is FX not telling us?
Danny Strong, who starred as Jonathan Levinson on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and went on to write the screenplays for “Recount,” “Game Change” and the next two “Hunger Games” movies, joins the cast as a correctional officer named Albert who takes an interest in Ava. Vasquez (Rick Gomez) is back to assign Raylan to track down Messer.

What’s good?
Dewey’s prayer. The “Star Wars” reference. The timely Bieber shout-out. Amy Smart in heat. “They run me off but I kept my shovel.” “This ain’t funny!” “Shouldn’t be too hard to find him then.” “God, I ain’t prayed in a while.” “Chain it up before we have to paint the yard with it.” “I’m gonna file that under ‘least of our goddamn problems.’” “And a happier thought I can scarcely conjure.”

What’s not so good?
No Alicia Witt this week. No Jere Burns. And I do so miss Constable Bob Sweeney.

How does it end, spoiler boy?
“The rest from the night they hit the shipment.”

10 p.m. Tuesday. FX.

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