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Disney unleashes their "Dream" trailer for MALEFICENT - and I'm really quite giddy!

Hey folks, Harry here... Been watching the Grammy's essentially just to see Daft Punk perform, but then was happy to witness Yoko grooving to Ringo & Paul singing a new song, apparently for an upcoming Johnny Depp flick, but during one of the breaks Disney decided to debut the DREAM trailer for MALEFICENT - that features Lana Del Rey's cover of "Once Upon A Dream"!   It is their very best spot yet.  There seems to be a good deal of grumbling from folks that just don't see the point in things like this.  Live action takes on Disney Animated classics have been happening for a while now.  Personally, I see the appeal from Disney's side, it further creates interest in their classic characters - continuing to keep the stories in the poposphere.  Walt used to do that by actually doing big huge rereleases of the classics, but in the Home Video market they feel like they have to do more.  Make it 3D for the rerelease.   Then, with these Live-Action things - I'm not convinced by any of them yet.   We know they're gonna bring the spots back for another live action take on 101 DALMATIONS.  I wasn't a huge fan of that, but Burton's wacky trip to Wonderland I found visually mesmerizing & appropriately confounding, but I do have a soft spot.   ANYWAY - point being, it is now Disney's strategy to take full advantage of their studio's history - and other properties of note - Love what they're doing with MARVEL, we'll soon see with STAR WARS and the Lucasfilm properties.   But I really do hope MALEFICENT works - Love the casting of Jolie, the crazy cheekbones and the screen chewing she's doing looks great.   Crazy vegetation armies?  I just really really hope this is a film that is as sold, the story from Maleficent's point of view.   I hope it is dark creepy Disney fun.   I hope it is a bit scary and ferocious.   Like DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE - don't be afraid to freak people out.   Or, be miserable and gripe every second through release.  But that stress will get to ya, Me...  I can't wait to see MALEFICENT - and I love Lana's cover of this classic song.   Check it out below:



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