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ATTACK THE BLOCK'S John Boyega to Play Olympic Champion Jesse Owens in RACE!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Joe Cornish's ATTACK THE BLOCK remains one of my very favorite films. It worked on so many levels and came together perfectly. Thanks, in no small part, to the work of actor John Boyega in the role of Moses, the kid playing badass who gets in way over his head when the aliens invade Earth, and finds himself having to make decisions as a real adult. Boyega gave Moses so much depth and subtlety and really made the character the heart of the story. He is an actor I've been looking forward to seeing more from.

Which is why I'm so excited by this news. Variety reports that Boyega has been cast as American Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens in the upcoming film, RACE. Owens made history when he competed in the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and proceeded to kick all kinds of ass - putting to shame Hitler's notion of Aryan supremacy. Apparently Hitler only allowed Jewish and Black athletes to participate in the games that year under threat of a boycott by other nations.

The film will be directed by Stephen Hopkins (THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS), with the script being written by Anna Waterhouse and Joe Shrapnel. Production is expected to start this spring.



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