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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Star in TO REACH THE CLOUDS for Robert Zemekis!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Back in 1974, French acrobat Philippe Petit pulled the incredibly ballsy move of stringing a wire between the World Trade Center buildings (without permission or clearance of any kind) and proceeded to walk it over the course of a 45 minute period - about a gazillion feet off the ground.

You may remember the stunt as the subject of the 2008 documentary MAN ON WIRE. Now, a new film project is in the works. Robert Zemekis has been hoping to adapt Petit's memoir, TO REACH THE CLOUDS into a film for several years now. It seems this project is one step closer to reality, as Twitch reports that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has signed on to play Petit.

The interview footage that comprised sections of MAN ON WIRE showed Petit to be an incredibly animated, charasmatic individual, so no doubt Gordon-Levitt will have little difficulty embracing the role.

There is no info available on when this is slated to begin production, or how it will affect his work on the recently-announced Sandman adaptation, but I would venture to guess that TO REACH THE CLOUDS will fall into place first.


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