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Some Pointed (General) Rumors Regarding The MAN OF STEEL 'Sequel' And JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie!!


MAN OF STEEL Sequel logo Comic Con 2013

CBM has a buncha information regarding what’s happening with that MAN OF STEEL ‘sequel’ project.  

I put ‘sequel’ in quotes because…the more I hear about this film, the more I’m becoming convinced that this isn’t as much a ‘sequel’ to MAN OF STEEL as it is a staging point for…something else.  We’ve suspected (maybe even known) this is the case for some time, but…with the recently announced substantial delay of ‘MOS2’s’ release…with persistent rumors swirling that WB will be launching a JUSTICE LEAGUE picture in close proximity to (or even concurrently with) 'MOS2'…with Wonder Woman and whomever else now in the mix for ‘MOS2’ (many rumors of other characters as well)…one has to wonder if Batman or Superman will even figure into whatever title is eventually announced for this project by the time it comes around.  I’m not being literal here, although the thought has crossed my mind.   

But, yes, ‘MOS2’ could certainly be both a sequel and a launch platform - and it probably is.  My hunch is that the film was delayed to better configure it as a launch for…whatever comes next.  I have no knowledge of this…just a hunch.  

The whole of CBM’s article is HERE - and offers more information.  Do treat these bits as RUMORS until further illumination is provided.  

Here are a few bullet points…

** Joaquin Phoenix has the lead villain role if he wants it.  

** Superman will have more of a shorter, KINGDOM COME haircut.  The new cut will include the “S” curl. 

** The project was not delayed due to Ben Affleck having sustained an injury,  as has been rumored.  Delay may be due to budget issues, and whether or not to inject Wonder Woman’s home (Themyscira) into the mix.  

** Back-to-back shooting of MOS2 and the official JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is being mulled.  [[Might this be a logistical reason for the delay?]]

** WB intends to use substantial cliffhangers to bridge their DC universe films.  MOS2 will have such a cliffhanger, bridging it with JUSTICE LEAGUE.  

** Short films for lesser-known DC characters will feature at the end of each DC universe film. 

So, what do you think?  It’s all fascinating and exciting at the very least.  Does it feel like WB is going for ‘too much, too quickly?’ here?  This isn’t meant to be a value judgement as much as a legitimate question…a question which may not be altogether fair without knowing which JL characters will feature in either 'MOS2' or the actual JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.   Can introducing JLers into (presumably only part of) MOS 2 and in JUSTICE LEAGUE itself feel in any way organic?  I mean, Marvel took a number of films to flesh-out the personalities we’d see in AVENGERS - ’twas one reason the movie worked so well.  

Come what may, I do wish them the best.  There’s much richness to be mined in the DC verse, and I’d love to see some of its denizens on screen - many for the first time ever.  And, yeah, I think there’s plenty of room for perpetual DC and Marvel in theaters…especially if they’re both handled wisely.   

Time will tell. 




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