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AICN HORROR Contest Winners: Who won the BIG ASS SPIDER Contest? Click here to find out!

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What the &#$% is ZOMBIES & SHARKS?

Ambush Bug here with the winners of another special AICN HORROR: ZOMBIES & SHARKS contest. I reviewed BIG ASS SPIDER last Friday in my regular weekly column and found it to be a whole lot of fun. The film is directed by Mike Mendez and stars HEROES’ Greg Grunberg, Lombardo Boyar, Ray Wise and one big ass spider!

The contest had a three prizes up for grabs; one BIG ASS SPIDER DVD signed by director Mike Mendez (first prize), one BIG ASS SPIDER BluRay (second prize), and one BIG ASS SPIDER t-shirt (third prize) and all I asked was for folks to complete this simple setup;

A normal house spider is blasted with radioactive rays and then…

Here are the one’s I found most entertaining!

The third prize (t-shirt) goes to Skot Garrick who wrote…
A normal house spider is blasted with radioactive rays and then grows to enormous size and eats a entire bus full of nuns before retiring under the world's largest pile of lumber.

The second prize (BluRay) went to Ash Yarborough simply because he made me laugh in the last words of his response…
A normal house spider is blasted with radioactive rays and then realized he had powers beyond any other spider, his confidence was boosted, so he could pull any female spider he wanted. He found his mate and they are now planning a webbing...

And the first prize (signed DVD) goes to Todd Hawkins who took the time to poetically write out…
A normal house spider is blasted
With radioactive rays and then
That not so normal house spider
Bites Peter Parker's uncle Ben
I'm sure you all have heard before
About how Uncle Ben Died
But I'm here to tell you the truth
And the truth is Marvel Comics lied
Peter Parker got some spider powers
But so did his Uncle Ben
And if Peter Parker was just one spider
His Uncle was that times ten

Spider Ben, Spider Ben
Does what Spiderman does and then
Stops Doc Doom just for fun
It's not Reed Richards that made him run
Look out!
Here comes the Spider Ben!

Is he strong?
Listen slim
He spots for Hulk when they're at the gym
Can he fly?
Yes he can.
Spiders can't but Ben is The Man.
Look up.
There goes the Spider Ben!

In the chill of space
Or the heat of Earth's core
What Tony Stark can do
Ben can do that and more.

Spider Ben, Spider Ben
Let me emphasize once again
His power
Is matched you see
By his responsibility.

To him life is something to cherish
When evil needs to perish
You'll find the Spider Ben!

Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners! Look for more AICN HORROR Contests coming soon!

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