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Illumination And Universal Set DESPICABLE ME 3 And New Animated GRINCH!!



Illumination Entertainment, the force behind the DESPICABLE ME franchise, will generate a third installment of that series.  As it did with previous entries, Universal will release.  This is no surprise at all, given that #2 made well over $900 million and is still going.  

The next picture will bow June 30, 2017 - which seems like (and is) a long-ass time at face value.  Remember, however, that a movie focussing predominantly on DM’s ‘Minon’ characters will arrive on screens beforehand.  THE MINIONS opens July 2015 - meaning, essentially, that a DESPICABLEverse movie will have appeared on screens every two to three years since the 2010 release of the first one…not too unreasonable for a franchise (when one considers the amount of time between ALIEN movies for example, or how long it took STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS to come around).  

I quite enjoyed the first too DESPICABLE films and found Part 2 to be a vastly superior sequel to the lifeless and befuddling CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS PART 2 - another huge animated sequel which opened last year.  I’m totally on-board for a third DM, although I’m not in love with a MINIONS spin-off - as the heart and soul of DM’s human characters are what interests me the most about the proper DM films, and with so many pratfally Minions running around, I’m not sure the spin-off will possess such qualities. I’m also not sure that demystifying the Minions (which THIS synopsis suggests they might) will serve the characters, or the franchise well. BUT…I’ll reserve judgment, as the DM gang has done a very nice job thus far…and perhaps they have some nice tricks up their sleeve for the spin-off.  

Illumination and Universal are also releasing a new, animated adaptation of HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS in 2017 - on November 17 to be exact. 




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