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ROBOCOP Annihilates Drones, And His Source Material, In This Clip From The Remake!!

I’ve been trying and trying to keep an open mind about this one, but this film is managing to push me away at every turn of its promotional campaign.  

Here’s a first clip from the picture, and never have I felt more…

…repulsed?  So much is whacked about this undertaking.  The aesthetic.  The music selection in this clip.  The vibe of the whole affair.  The apparent disregard for the original film’s sensibilities at every juncture (despite the filmmaker’s assertions to the contrary).   

Too early to tell for sure?  Quite possibly.  But I just can't help but feel...'whatever.' 

If this material represent the best they’ve got…just imagine how much we’ll all be squealing like pigs when the whole of ROBOCOP releases February 12.  


Clip via IGN.



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