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Nick Nolte Joins Darren Aronofsky's NOAH as the Watcher Samyaza!


Hey guys! Horrorella here...

Darren Aronofsky's upcoming biblical epic, NOAH, just got even more badass. Aronofsky announced via Twitter that Nick Nolte has joined the cast.

just added the legend nick nolte as the watcher samyaza in #noah . long live the nephilim! it was an honor.

The addition of a new cast member may seem a bit strange, given that the film opens in March, but Samyaza looks to be a CGI character that Nolte will be voicing. Samyaza is noted for being leading a rebellion of angels who fell to Earth to fornicate with human women. The resulting offspring were giant creatures known as the Nephilim. My Sunday School class didn't cover any of this awesomeness, by the way, so I feel kind of ripped off.

Aronofsky also tweeted this image, showing Nolte in the recording room, with what I can only presume is Samyaza onscreen behind him.

NOAH opens on March 28th.



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