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A Trailer For A New Documentary About Roger Corman's Unreleased FANTASTIC FOUR Movie!!!



Back in 1994, the mighty and awesome Roger Corman made a FANTASTIC FOUR film which never saw release.  

The film was ungood in many regards (this coming from someone who has much affinity for Corman projects in general), although quality may not necessarily have been the reason for the film not being released.  The circumstances behind its banishment could well be a topic considered in upcoming DOOMED: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S ‘THE FANTASTIC FOUR’ documentary - a trailer for which is embedded below.  

If this picture is even half as interesting as CORMAN’S WORLD (another Corman centric documentary which is very worth your time, even if you aren’t a Corman follower) - it could be pretty great.  

You can learn more about DOOMED HERE.  Meanwhile. if you’ve never seen it…or or are horny to behold it once more…that unreleased FANTASTIC FOUR movie actually made its way to YouTube (HERE).




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