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John Turturro is the FADING GIGOLO that Woody Allen is pimping! This looks great!

Hey folks, Harry here...  We don't get a whole lot of Woody Allen, the actor, appearing in other director's movies too much, but having John Turturro directing an indie film about himself as a FADING GIGOLO working for Woody Allen to lie down with the likes of Sharon Stone, Vanessa Paradis & Sofia Vergara... well... It gives me a wicked set of giggles.  Turturro has been directing features since 1992 and hasn't really had a break out hit, though the films have been pretty damn good, each and every one.   But this feels like the most marketable of the films.   Millennium Entertainment is distributing and if they're smart with it, I could see this really doing well for them.  At least I hope so.  Just the notion of Woody Allen pimping John Turturro as a Gigolo...  that's pure awesome right there.   Don't ya think?


The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and has a release scheduled for April 18th in Limited Markets here domestically.  

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