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New photos from X-Men: Days of Future Past give us our first look at Quicksilver!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Bryan Singer isn't really given the credit he's due for his part in shaping the tentpole landscape today. When he made X-Men it was almost in spite of 20th Century Fox, who got cold feet before shooting, slashed the budget and left him to try to make the movie work.

Kids today don't remember what it was like before the geeks took over the cinematic world. That first X-Men movie being successful is directly responsible to the rise of Marvel Studios who reshaped the industry and created an audience that the studios ignored or mistreated for so long.

I'm not ignoring Blade's success or the great impact Superman and Batman had on the cinematic landscape in the '70s and '80s, but it was definitely the one-two punch of Singer's X-Men and Raimi's Spider-Man that gave us the orgy of superhero movies we know today.

So, with all respect and admiration to Mr. Singer, I say I'm nervous about Days of Future Past. It's a perfect story and a great way to splinter off of Singer's original series without fucking up continuity (a case I made way back in January of 2012, by the way), but I'm still nervous. I fear that the dark, crazy post-apocalyptic survival war story I loved as a kid is not what I'm going to see on the screen. I don't want just another X-Men movie, I want a great X-Men movie.

I could be very wrong and no one will be happier than I am if I am, but I'm a nerd, so I worry. I've heard very positive things about the script and Devin Faraci over at Badass Digest says he has a source who has seen a rough cut and sang its praises, so if it's great I'll be fine... but I also know that by calling this one Days of Future Past if they make a good or great movie that only touches on the comic storyline (which along with the Dark Phoenix Saga is what got me into comic books in a big way as a kid) that's the only shot I'll have at seeing this fleshed out in movie form.

But like I said, word is good, so my crazy nerd neurosis (nerdrosis?) is tempered a bit. It flared up a little when the first picture of Evan Peters as Quicksilver appeared over at SuperheroHype. I didn't expect him to be wearing green and white spandex, but it's not the most exciting debut look I've ever seen. Ball is in your court now, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joss Whedon and Marvel!

Anybody else scratching their head at Young Xavier walking in that above picture? Curious...

Entertainment Weekly also has a new image featuring Beast and Wolverine messing around.

So, there's the new pics. I hope all my nerdy fears are put to rest when the flick comes out. I may not have been a big fan of some of Singer's recent efforts, but he's earned a little trust over the years.


-Eric Vespe
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