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Donnie Yen is THE MONKEY KING - hardcore badass mythic Chinese fantasy with Chow Yun Fat in 3D!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  So my pick for gotta see it right now 5 times is THE MONKEY KING, although it isn't opening in U.S. until mid September this year!  Even though it opens in China at the end of the month!  It stars Donnie Yen as the amazing Monkey King and Chow Yun Fat as Jade Emperor and Aaron Kwok as the Bull Demon King!  They dropped around a $100 million dollars on this epic fantasy and I really can't wait!  Take a look at the trailer:


See?  That just looks like a massive amount of fun!  Full on badass Monkey King?!?! Oh yes!  Want to see NOW!!!  I always knew Donnie Yen would crush my Hairstyle as the Monkey King!

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