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UPDATED W/ 12min 'Making Of...' Reel!! 'The Time of the Doctor' Is Upon Us!! READER REACTION To Matt Smith's Final DOCTOR WHO Begins Now!!



BBC has issued a 12 minute behind the scenes look at The Name of the Doctor.  










***** SPOILER ALERT *****


In the UK, DOCTOR WHO: The Time of the Doctor transmits a few hours earlier than its US broadcast.  Thus, there will be pre-US transmit spoilers for the episode available as soon as UK transmit occurs.   Proceed with caution from this point forward f you wish to remain altogether virginal regarding The Time of the Doctor.  




Glen here…

…with a READER REACTION ‘Docback’ dedicated to all things DOCTOR WHO, with a strong emphasis on Wednesday December 25’s Christmas Special, The Time of the Doctor.   Please note the moderation guidelines posted below.

DOCTOR WHO: The Time of the Doctor

’Tis no spoiler to mention that this episode is a tad significant in a number of ways - most notably in that it will transition the series from the Matt Smith era into the Peter Capaldi zone.  Which will profoundly shape the tone, vibe, edge, and overall personality of the show.  

This is a hugely interesting time for WHO.  Under Steven Moffat’s guidance and with Matt Smith in the lead role, the show has found visibility and global public acceptance on levels never before enjoyed by DW.  While they didn’t have much choice in the mater (if Smith wanted to leave, he wanted to leave - what could they do?), Godspeed and kudos to The Powers That Be for not casting to appease the decidedly youthful contingent the series has developed over the past few years…for not catering solely to teenage girls…and for remembering and adhering to the 50 year old truism that the Doctor on DOCTOR WHO can come in any age and any distinct personality type.  And that the show can not only survive such change, but thrive on it and evolve through it.  

How will the coming of Capaldi impact global perception and profitability of the show given that the populous has settled into the comfortable, loping, inescapable charms of Smith?  Might the audience reaction be negative when confronted with…someone…anyone…different?  Or, might the masses embrace what will certainly be an edgier Doctor (also a time tested conceit on the show) - and could DW become more popular and more ‘must see’ than ever?  

Come what may, I’d like to extend a sincere cyber hug, and a most gentlemanly tip of the hat possible to Matt Smith. I don’t yet know if he’s ‘my Doctor’ as people say - time will  ultimately shape and determine this.  But I do know that Smith was the Doctor when I first started exploring the show on the whole, and delving timidly into its complex and rich history.  It’s hard, if not impossible, to harbor a tremendous amount of affection towards Smith’s Doctor - his Doctor caught my attention and held my attention.  He was one of the reasons I stayed, even when the show sometimes frustrated.  He made me curious, he made me excited, he made me feel like the young and bouncy boyish man he so often appeared to be on screen. I suspect that only in retrospect will his full importance to the history of WHOness be fully understood.  But, even now, to to the mythology of the show?  Matt Smit mattered.  To the economy of the show, Matt Smith mattered.  To the fanbase, Matt Smith mattered.  To history, Matt Smith will matter.  THANK YOU, Mister Smith.  You’ve done a man’s job.  A 900+ year old man’s job.  

Matt Smith - DOCTOR WHO: Day of the Doctor

PLEASE NOTE that the Docback below will become a full-on SPOILER ZONE after tomorrow’s UK broadcast of Time of the Doctor, which equates to early afternoon U.S. time. P 

With this in mind, enjoy the READER REACTION DOCBACK,  and wishing the happiest of Holidays to you and those you love…




Glen Oliver


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