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PADDINGTON poster - a film by the talents behind HARRY POTTER & THE MIGHTY BOOSH!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Who doesn't love Paddington Bear?  The single most amazing photo my wife has ever appeared in is as Paddington Bear, but what makes it so funny to me is knowing the character from the book and the spirit animal match that exists there.   But I have to say - the idea of a really great magical PADDINGTON movie with Colin Firth as the voice of the bear...   Well, I really do hope they knock this out of the park.  I want this to be a film that makes us all feel little and happy.  Just like this poster makes me feel.   The Pedigree of filmmakers behind this is really fascinating.  From its director, Paul King - who is most famous for his great series THE MIGHTY BOOSH.   The DP is Erik Wilson, who has shot films like SUBMARINE and the documentary THE IMPOSTER...  which are stylistically wildly different than what this poster promises...  The Art Director Su Whitaker is coming straight off of working with the Wachowskis on JUPITER ASCENDING...  I really can't wait for our first trailer to see how this film is really being handled.  It could be magic!


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