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Here's A Trailer For Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore's BLENDED!!


When last we saw Adam Sandler on the big screen, his face was being pissed on by a deer in GROWN UPS 2.  Not an unreasonable response to that film…although I’ll confess to occasionally enjoying moments in Sandler's admittedly Lowest Common Denominator filmography.  

And, lest we forget, trailers to the incalculably anticipated STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE debuted before Sandler’s THE WATERBOY back in 1998.  Which…is so right in so many ways…in retrospect.  I mention this because, with  BLENDED, Sandler reunites with WATERBOY director Frank Coraci.  

How does / should any of this impact our perception of this trailer for BLENDED?  I have no clue.  But if anyone thinks the Dick’s sporting goods logo on his tea shirt in this preview’s opening scene is going to go unremarked in the picture…


BLENDED opens May 2014.  




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