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A Trailer For The Michael Bay Produced WELCOME TO YESTERDAY!! Sci Fi Kids, Wet Bikini Babes, And Time Travel Collide!!

Not sure gown this didn’t get posted yesterday - but here it is all the same.  A trailer for WELCOME TO YESTERDAY, a found footage Science Fiction piece produced by Michael Bay under his Platinum Dunes banner.  

The trailer does a nice job setting up its premise - and I’m interested…enough.  One can’t fairly gauge the quality of a film’s performances through a trailer alone, but a few of the line readings here made me shudder a tad. Hopefully the going won’t be as rough when the full film bows in late February.  

At the end of the day, kudos to Team Bay for managing to squeeze wet, hot girls in bikinis into a Science Fiction saga - and even into its trailer no less.  





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