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AICN HORROR Contest Winners: Bug’s got the winners of the BluRay/DVD Prize Pack from RLJ Entertainment!

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What the &#$% is ZOMBIES & SHARKS?

Seasons creepings, all. Ambush Bug here with a special AICN HORROR: ZOMBIES & SHARKS contest. Last week, I posted a contest from RLJ Entertainment for three prize packs filled with some very fun movies for three lucky readers of AICN HORROR. The set includes THE COLONY, CREEPSHOW 2, IDLE HANDS, EVIDENCE and STRANDED. Those eager to win the prize packs were to act as if you were pitching a big time fatcat Hollywood producer a film that combine two or more of these films in the pack. Below were the three I found to be most entertaining…

Dave Spurlock! Okay, the Devil has grown tired of trying to get the people on Earth to do his bidding. So, he finds a colony of humans stranded on the moon and starts trying to get them to turn on each other and do his work for him. The chief of security on the moon figures out what's going on and uses the fuel for the colony to blast the Devil out into space. What do you think?? Let's get this puppy on film!

Michael Ponder! A group of underground colonists (forced into hiding by a comet on a collision course for earth) have been surviving off nothing but rats and rain water for years. The fallout is over and they decide to surface in search of the remaining human race... They discover an old cellphone amongst a skeleton with no hands early in their journey that leads them to believe all is lost, but they journey forward with nothing but faith. Pressing on to the Capitol wasteland they are stalked by a survivor they do not wish to have ever met; a radiation poisoned mutant freak with a chainsaw for a hand and the head if a sex doll for the other: calling himself Rex and Barbara... Finally, after fighting for their life, they reach the Capitol to find that thug comment mutated everyone's hands to fall off and become self aware; killing their once connected masters and taking over the world. There is no hope... Our hands, once idle and enslaved to technology, have risen up to take back the earth...Can colony 7 take it back, again? Starring Lawrence Fishburn, Devin Sawa, Jackie Chan, that old chick from 'stop or my mom will shoot, and the hand of the Def Leppard drummer.

Mark S. Roberts! EVIDENCE SHOWS THAT CREEPY IDLES HANDS WERE THE REASON THE COLONY WAS LEFT STRANDED: Okay….Oaky, Stephen King, Christian Slater, Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Moyer, along with a bunch of red shirt extras, are on a spacecraft and it crashes on some planet. They have to use the craft as a home and the planet is frozen. Hang with me here… they don’t know it but the planet is actually the home of the devil. They locate a camera from another crashed spaceship; let’s say some Russian craft that we didn’t know about. Anyway they find a video and begin watching and discover that evil took over some of the crew and they begin killing the others one by one. They return to their ship, which is now set up as their colony, with the video. King’s hand begin taking over him and be begins writing without being able to stop. He can’t think fast enough to write stories so he has to start killing the red shirt extra’s for source material. Meanwhile the zobiefied remains of the Russian crew come looking for the fresh meat and most of the colony are killed and eaten. The main characters begin a fight for their lives having to leave the shelter of their colony and kill all the Russian crew only to die at the end by King whose hands have taken completely over. The entire time King is filming the action. King then discovers a way back to earth where he continues to kill others for food and begins writing wonderful horror stories that the devil has influenced him on, and all the video that was taken, as the story ends showing him pen Creepshow 2.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in the contest! Look for a few more contests coming soon for some upcoming films covered on AICN HORROR!

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