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Peter Jackson Says Hobbitses Stalled His TINTIN Sequel - But...



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Although 2011’s high-end, fancy-shmancy, big screen adaptation of TINTIN suffered from the same excess and pacing challenges plaguing many a recent Spielberg movie, the film had a lot going for it in terms of artistry, kinetics, and general ‘fun’ factor.   Leaving many...ready for more.  

When released, the picture was said to be part of a cycle - and we were told the next installment would be directed by Peter Jackson, a producer on the first TINTIN.  

Then…nothing happened.  

Jackson recently spoke to BadTaste, and shed some light on the next TINTIN’s status.  Not surprisingly, them Hobbitses seem to have gummed up the works a bit.  But, perhaps, not for too much longer.  

"We have every intention of doing another TINTIN movie and it’s just waiting on me now.  Waiting on me to be done with these HOBBIT movies - PESKY HOBBIT movies.  Get them out of the way, and then we can go back to making TINTIN.”  

…says Jackson, in a brief interview which can be viewed via the embed below. 

Another question I haven’t heard addressed:  might any of the film’s original scripters  - Steven Moffat (DOCTOR WHO / SHERLOCK), Edgar Wright, or Joe Cornish (recently debunked as the helmer of the third Abrmasverse STAR TREK feature) - be returning in any capacity? A while back, screenwriter Anthony Horowitz was said to be wrangling writing chores on the new TINTIN picture.  Wonder if these delays have impacted his involvement? 




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